Lessons & Training

HHF offers horseback riding lessons for the beginner through advanced rider. Lessons are based on the philosophy of combined training, incorporating dressage and jumping depending on the students skill level. Students at HHF learn not only how to ride but all that good horsemanship includes such as grooming, basic horse care, knowledge of equipment and equine anatomy, etc.

School horses are available to current students for day leases to go to shows that HHF is attending.

Students owning their own horse may truck-in to have a lesson at HHF. We have a full stadium course in our outdoor arena and can offer limited jumping lessons in the winter in our indoor.

Please call 1-814-398-9369 to inquire about lessons or training.

  • 30 Minute Private Lesson $30
  • 60 Minute Private Lesson $40
  • 60 Minute Semi-Private Lesson $30 per rider
  • Show Coaching $30/day
  • Day Lease of School Horse $30/day
  • Facility Fee $10 (for clinics/lessons taught by outside instructors)
  • Lunging $30
  • Training Ride $40
  • Truck-In Schooling XC & Stadium $30
  • Trailering to local show $40 (non-local shows will vary)

Barn Rules

  1. All riders must wear a helmet that meets ASTM F1163-01 standards and is SEI certified at all times when mounted.
  2. No non-resident dogs.
  3. Barn hours are 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please be ready to leave by 9:00 p.m.
  5. Please clean up after yourself and your horse. Keep your items in a tidy fashion.
  6. Everyone involved with equine activities on the farm, mounted or not, MUST have a signed release form on file before engaging in such activities. No exceptions.
  7. For the general health of the herd, all horses must be kept on a regular farrier, veterinary (vaccinations) and deworming schedule.
  8. Only use your own equipment, tack and supplies. Please respect the property of others.
  9. DO NOT feed treats (or anything — hay, grain, etc.) to any horse except your own. Horses may have allergies, special dietary requirements, etc.
  10. Do not leave horses unattended tied, cross-tied, etc.
  11. Any person who will be jumping any XC jumps (solid obstacles) MUST have a ground person and wear a safety crash vest and helmet that meets currently accepted ASTM standards and is SEI certified. No exceptions.
  12. No turnout in arenas or roundpen.
  13. All boarders will sign a boarding contract and provide a negative coggins test and proof of vaccinations before moving their horse on the farm.