Boarding & Barn Rules

Full Board at Hogback Hill Farm offers:

Safety — Owner lives on site, nightchecks every night
All day turnout everyday in safe Electrobraid or wood fencing
Rubber matted open-front box stalls cleaned daily, water buckets cleaned daily
Pelleted bedding — clean, consistent quality (12 bags per month incl., extra available)
Feeding 2 x/day & hay 3+ x/day
Trails, fields, beautiful country setting & miles of dirt roads
Private farm atmosphere
Professional quality level of care
260′ x 100′ limestone and rubber crumb outdoor arena & full set of stadium jumps
50′ x 80′ limestone and rubber crumb indoor arena
Blanket changes according to temperature
Trace mineralized salt blocks provided by HHF
Booting/Flymasks for turnout (Pull-on bell boots stay on)
Supplements supplied by horse owner added to feed as directed
Space to keep saddle, bridle and 1 trunk
Full Board is $400.00 per month. Call 1-814-398-9369 to find out about stall availability.

Pasture Board at Hogback Hill Farm offers:

Safety — Owner lives on site, nightchecks every night
Grains meals 1 or 2x/day (6lb. grain/day max.)
Large run in shed, 4 sided with two separate areas that each have a large doorway
Free choice roundbaled hay available 24/7
Water trough is heated in winter
Use of arenas, trails, etc.
Space to keep saddle, bridle and 1 trunk
Pasture Board is $300.00 per month. Call 1-814-398-9369 to find out about space availability.

  • Full Board $400/month
  • Pasture Board $300/month
  • Facility Fee $10 (for clinics/lessons taught by outside instructors)
  • Meeting/Holding for vet, farrier, etc $10
  • Trailering to local show $40 (non-local shows will vary)
  • General Trailering $0.50/mile + $20/hour

This is what a couple of our Boarders have to say about their experience here at HHF:

Our horse Figaro retired from the show circuit at an early age. He has been stabled at Hogback Hill Farm since August 2006. Vita regularly keeps us informed of Figaro’s well-being through e-mails and phone calls. She provides excellent care; he is looking the healthiest he’s ever been. We have visited the Farm four times and know that Vita routinely makes improvements to the property that greatly benefit the horses and riders. The rider in our family says that since she can’t look after Figaro herself, she’s glad that Vita is there for him!
— Sanghamitra, Horse Owner


Vita paid great attention to detail when deciding on my horse’s boarding accomodations. He was young, lacked socialization and was from an auction. After his quarantine period was over she considered his personality, his age, and his individual needs — then provided him with a clean and comfortable open stall next to a friendly horse and in an area of the barn where people frequently go by and give him attention. He also gets lots and lots of turnout time with an appropriate small herd.
— Nancy Roebke, Horse Owner

Barn Rules

  1. All riders must wear a helmet that meets ASTM F1163-01 standards and is SEI certified at all times when mounted.
  2. No non-resident dogs.
  3. Barn hours are 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please be ready to leave by 9:00 p.m.
  5. Please clean up after yourself and your horse. Keep your items in a tidy fashion.
  6. Everyone involved with equine activities on the farm, mounted or not, MUST have a signed release form on file before engaging in such activities. No exceptions.
  7. For the general health of the herd, all horses must be kept on a regular farrier, veterinary (vaccinations) and deworming schedule.
  8. Only use your own equipment, tack and supplies. Please respect the property of others.
  9. DO NOT feed treats (or anything — hay, grain, etc.) to any horse except your own. Horses may have allergies, special dietary requirements, etc.
  10. Do not leave horses unattended tied, cross-tied, etc.
  11. Any person who will be jumping any XC jumps (solid obstacles) MUST have a ground person and wear a safety crash vest and helmet that meets currently accepted ASTM standards and is SEI certified. No exceptions.
  12. No turnout in arenas or roundpen.
  13. All boarders will sign a boarding contract and provide a negative coggins test and proof of vaccinations before moving their horse on the farm.